Asbestos Management Company

Why Use Our Asbestos Management Company?

We are at the forefront of the industry, helping improve standards, define best practices, drive legislative change and promote safe and effective methods.

Asbestos Contracting Limited holds a full and unconditional health and safety executive licence to work on or with asbestos and we also own and manage our own licenced waste transfer station permitted by the environment agency. Our attitude towards asbestos means that we can offer comprehensive integrated and expert solutions at the most competitive rates.

Asbestos Contracting Limited also offers a fully resourced asbestos removal service with our quality personnel, the latest equipment and the very highest technical standards of operation.


How Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos is dangerous because it can cause diseases that threaten human life.

According to findings by the HSE asbestos is responsible for 4500 deaths each year. The reason for this is that it causes four main diseases. These are:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung Cancer
  • Asbestosis
  • Diffuse Pleural Thickening

Some of these conditions are fatal if you get them. This is why trained professionals should be the only people to deal with this material as they know all of the safety measures that need to be in place when surveying, removing and disposing of all materials containing asbestos.

If you are occupying an older building that was built before the year 2000 it could have asbestos in it. It’s important to get older buildings tested for the safety of all occupants.


What Can Be Done To Remove Asbestos?

With asbestos removal, it’s not as simple as just taking it out, there is a process to follow to remove it safely. 

Our team will come to your property and conduct a survey to test if asbestos is present. This is a key stage in managing asbestos as it helps to identify the location, type, condition and extent of any Asbestos Containing Materials. The surveys that can be completed on a property are The Management Survey and the Refurbishment and Demolition Survey. If asbestos materials are found within your property our team will then be able to put in place appropriate measures to safely remove the material and dispose of it as well.

Once all of the materials have been removed from the property our team will clean the area to make sure nothing is left behind of the material.


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Asbestos Contracting Limited are an established and experienced asbestos removal and surveying contractor, with vast experience involving the removal and treatment of asbestos for local authorities, NHS Trusts, Government Bodies, Private and Commercial Organisations and Domestic Dwellings.

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