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At ACL a comprehensive and competitive asbestos removal and safe disposal service, asbestos surveys and asbestos testing on domestic and commercial property. This process can also be called an asbestos abatement. Before we can remove any Asbestos we need to survey and complete tests on your property; This may include garages, textured coatings, insulation boards, roof sheets and more! Asbestos in your home can be found in a variety of places. The water tank in older properties can be made from asbestos cement; Pipe lagging – Asbestos insulation on pipes, this was used to keep the heat in or the cold out of pipes. Asbestos can also be found in insulation inside of the floor, wall cavities and in lofts. That is just the start of where you could find asbestos in your home.

You might not expect that you could find asbestos in your workplace but you can; Asbestos can be found in cement products around the premises, in textured coatings, floor tiles, textiles and composites. There are a lot of places that asbestos can be and this is why it is important to keep your asbestos register up to date and to get asbestos removed once it has been discovered. Our team are highly trained and can undertake the removal and disposal of all materials containing asbestos.

Asbestos has been used for more than 2000 years and in the UK over 1 million buildings contain asbestos materials. The material was used mainly between the 1950s and the mid-1980s in a variety of products. According to the HSE asbestos is responsible for 4500 deaths each year. This is because it can cause four diseases.

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