Asbestos Removal In Exeter

At ACL our team is able to remove any asbestos-containing materials that may be present within your building/premises. Asbestos removal in Exeter is very simple for our team to do. But before we can remove anything a survey must be completed on the premises. Our team is able to do this for you, the type of survey that is done will depend on what will be happening with the building. This means that there are two types of surveys that can be used and we will pick the one that is most appropriate. The two surveys are the management survey and the refurbishment and demolition survey. The reason why it is so important to remove all of the asbestos on your property is that it is very dangerous and can even cause death when exposed to it.

According to findings from the HSE asbestos is responsible for 4500 deaths each year. Asbestos has been used for over 2000 years and in the UK alone over 1 million commercial, industrial and public buildings contain asbestos materials. Where can you find asbestos? In your home asbestos can be found in many places and some of these may apply to other buildings such as factories and warehouses. The water tank can contain asbestos material in the cement, this is normally found in older properties. In the property, asbestos can be found in the insulation. The fuse box could also contain asbestos. Once our team has completed the required survey on the premises we will be able to remove and dispose of all materials containing asbestos. We can provide you with expert solutions, risk assessments, repair and much more.

Make sure you get in contact with our team if you are in need of an asbestos survey and removal service. Want to know more about our company? Take a look at our about us page.

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