Asbestos Surveying Services In Bournemouth

At ACL we can very easily help you discover the asbestos that could be present inside your premises with our asbestos surveying services in Bournemouth. Surveying is a critical stage in managing asbestos because it helps to identify the location, type, condition and extent of any Asbestos Containing Materials. When surveying there are two types that can be completed on a property, these are the management survey which is used as a standard asbestos survey and will locate the presence and extent of any suspect ACMs in the building which could be damaged or disturbed. Then you have the refurbishment and demolition survey, which is used before any refurbishment or demolition work is carried out. The survey will locate and describe all ACMs in the area where the refurbishment is taking place or in the whole building if demolition is planned. The survey will be fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection to gain access to all areas.

Once we have completed our surveying process, we can have our team come in and remove the asbestos that was found inside your property. It is important that all asbestos is removed from a building because it can cause diseases such as Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, Asbestosis and diffuse pleural thickening; Some of these diseases are fatal and kill around 4500 people each year. So by removing all of the asbestos from your building you are protecting its occupants and yourself.

Asbestos has been used for many years in the UK with over 1 million buildings containing the material. Asbestos was used in a variety of products such as thermal insulation, fireproofing, electrical insulation and building materials. Even up until 1999 some products were still being used.

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